Brian Besser

Brian Besser was born in North Dakota. He moved to California when he was 16 years old and lived there until 2016. Since then, Brian has relocated to beautiful Branson, Missouri where he has quickly claimed his territory as a community ambassador. He loves connecting with the locals and enjoys talking with tourists at local coffee shops. He has 3 wonderful daughters and a son. Brian got married to Barbara in 2000 and is still enjoying dating his best friend. Brian owned a successful Commercial Cleaning Company in California from 2008-2017. During these years Brian began to travel and sing with a Southern Gospel Group out of California. Brian was able to share the stage with many award winning groups from around the Country, Including the Gaither Music Family. After the Singing group dis-banded Brian launched a solo career and recorded his first project, I want to Come Home. The solo career quickly turned into a Family ministry where Brian’s son Levi and Barbara became part of the road life. Brian and his family have logged thousands of miles and have enjoyed being in 25 states and 2 countries. If anybody knows about moving, Brian sure does.  Brian is currently a Missionary to the First Nations people and has a special work in the Navajo Nation. Brian was a top producer at Remax Real Estate Center, in California from 2003-2009. He worked as a Relocation Specialist to help people move out of California, to other areas in the Country. Brian has used his transitioning and traveling experience to help his clients make great decisions about buying and selling in Branson.  If you are an out of state investor, retiree, relocating or a Local,  Buying and Selling your home is an easy decision when you choose Brian as your Real Estate Professional. As the Locals will say, “Brian Sells Branson”