Jeramie Worley – Managing Broker

Jeramie’s service to top vacation rental real estate investors has earned him regular speaking engagements on the topic through his VACATION RENTAL PROFIT PLAYBOOK seminar. He is currently the author of MYTHS, MANAGEMENT & MASTERY OF VACATION RENTALS and the sole owner of Worley & Associates, a top performing real estate company in Branson, Missouri where he is often quoted by saying “Let’s make it happen!.” He works each day to build his real estate business training agents and investors in high cash flow investment vehicles.

Jeramie is a whirlwind creative, problem solver and businessman who loves to grow a business!

Regarding education, Jeramie is a graduate of The University of Missouri, Department of Theater and an Alumni of The National Theater Institute. He has also completed Dale Carnegie Training, and Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage as well as Tony Robbins Mastery University.

Specialties: Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Vision Casting, Creating Instant Rapport, Problem Solving, Real Estate Contracts, Acting, Improv, Playwright

Hobbies: Sailing, Scotch, Cigars, Camping