Matt Shafer

Lightfoot & Youngblood Team

Matt Shafer moved to the Branson Area from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Matt has worked in the
retail and customer service industry for years and has been an entrepreneur in the business world
by building and designing and staffing one of the most successful Cigar and Whiskey
establishments in Oklahoma. Matt is married to a Tri-Lakes native and the father of two
children. During 2020, Matt and his wife Amanda made the decision to move back to the
Branson area and with that decision, Matt had the opportunity to join the Lightfoot &
Youngblood Team at Worley and Associates. By joining such a Team of professionals Matt
has obtained his real estate licenses and grown investors’ portfolios and helped others find their
dream homes. As Matt, may be new to the Real Estate world he is willing and able to go the
extra mile to get his clients all the information they need to make the decision to purchase,
invest or build the optimal property for them.