Shae Duffy

“My passion is the HOME. It’s everything about a house. I always consider how we live in them, feel inside them and choose them. The process of buying and selling houses is near and dear to me because my family moved so much and I watched my parents buy and sell homes time and time again. I’ve lived in 5 states! I redecorated my own room every time. This is why I have centered my career around the HOME.”

Shae Duffy grew up in southwest Missouri but has lived in several states. She spent most of her adult life in Chicago. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Shae has enjoyed a well rounded experience in interiors, marketing, sales and real estate. Shae is a highly motivated self starter who speaks confidently and possesses tough negotiating skills.

Shae’s experience as an interior designer gives you an edge when you are looking to buy or sell real estate. With over 60% of our buyers from out of the area, Shae’s ability to stage a home gives your listing a competing edge. This step can be the difference in buyers scrolling past online or scheduling an appointment. As both a Realtor and an Interior Designer, Shae has the unique insight for how much “tweaking” is needed and how much would be overkill. She knows how to make something look fabulous for little/no money or when to “bring in the big guns” and fully stage a home to sell it faster and for more profit.

When she’s not selling real estate, Shae enjoys time with her husband and two children. They love being outdoors, especially on Table Rock Lake. “The Ozarks is the best place to live in the world: beautiful landscape, four seasons with mild winters, happy people and easy living. I am so grateful that I get to raise my family here!”