Become an Agent

If you are considering making a move, we will keep the meeting confidential and discrete. Jeramie regularly interviews agents for the sole purpose to get their feedback so we can create a real estate firm that is designed for you. Why would you consider joining Worley and Associates? Here are a few reasons why.

No required monthly fees

You can rent a desk or an office or subscribe to broker services…but it’s not required.

Competitive Broker / Agent Commission Splits

And NO FRANCHISE FEES. We are also licensed in multiple states so you don’t have to refer your business someone else if you don’t want to.

Regular Training

We conduct regular training on Contracts, Investing, Nightly Rentals, and Marketing Strategy. We know you need help from small things such as having convenient phrases for your contracts to training on how to manage the disposition of bookings during escrow in a nightly rental transaction. We can help. We also have New Agent training classes at various times per year to help slingshot new agents to the top.

A Classy Place to make an introduction

We provide an upscale rustic business environment with a high tech conference room, super-fast internet and plush informal areas for you to work or visit with clients.

No required meetings

We do not require meetings or floor time. If you can’t make it…log into our digital whiteboard and see the meeting anyway. We value your independence because we also value ours.

Non-Competing Broker

Jeramie does not actively market for buyers or sellers because his job is to take care of the agents and to make sure we are helping you succeed.

We practice what we preach

We believe in prayer, strong leadership, loyalty, positive vibes, ringing the bell when we succeed, and most of all: a Drama-Free Relaxed Environment. We don’t have time for it. This is where we work. We won’t take just any agent who can fog a mirror; we want to be sure that we will all work well together.

Want to schedule a confidential meeting?