This is one of our favorite things to do because real estate investing begins with smart buying. That means evaluating the property and the first-year rate of return before you buy. We understand this and can help you get access to all the numbers you need to create your proforma. We help you find properties with multiple exit strategies. We work fast and can be an asset to you in multiple offer situations. Do you need help locating area service providers or preferred vendors? That’s something we can do for our clients.

First Time Investors

If you own a home, you are already a real estate investor. Worley and Associates can show you how to take your real estate investing goals to the next level. Our agents go through extensive investor training so you can be sure you are working with an expert. We will sit down with you and truly understand your goals so we can locate properties that fit the bill.

Seasoned Investors

Need someone who understands creative financing, 1031 exchanges and Real Estate or Self-Directed IRA purchases? You’ve come to the right place. You want to find deals and opportunities? We can help, BUT we are not looking for someone to provide free foreclosure lists to. You can go to any real estate office and get that from a newbie agent looking to get your business. We want seasoned professionals to work with who will leave emotion at home. We want number crunchers! We want to be sure that if we find you a deal, you’ll work with us; we want to get to know you and your goals before we just start sending you properties. If you flip, we want to know your remodels are top notch. If you are a builder, we want to know your floor plans are marketable. We know what buyers want, so let’s create an unstoppable power team.

Business Buyers and Sellers

We understand that every business has two parts to it. There are business assets, and then there is also the real estate component. Often, they are sold together but the transactions can get complicated if there are permits, trademarks, equipment, government inspections, compliance issues, non-competes, rents, service contracts or inventories, to name just a few. We will most likely recommend a seasoned attorney to help us in these transactions to make sure you are getting all the representation you need.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT LISTINGS WHEN the seller of a business will not provide at least two years’ history of income from a CPA or a well-documented source, such as a tax return or business program like QuickBooks. We do use non-disclosure agreements and will be sure that only serious buyers have access to this information when it is requested.

Bulk Purchase and Bulk Sales

It’s not uncommon for people with $500,000 to $2,000,000 to approach our firm to help them diversify their portfolio into Tri-Lakes Area real estate.

If you need to sell off all your property at once, we can do it, whether one at a time or in bulk. If it’s a situation such as a divorce or a death or just liquidation of your real estate assets, we are very familiar with these situations and are experienced in these areas. We are also connected with Real Estate Investor Associations (REIAs) all over the state, so we can help you in the wholesale market as well as the retail market.

Foreclosures and REO properties

What most people don’t realize is that you can get just as good of a deal from a motivated seller as you can from a foreclosure; you just need help finding them. We work with banks all over the Tri-lakes area to help you find the deals you want.

If you are a bank or an asset management service, we can help you market your property to get it off your books.

Vacation Rentals

Branson is unique in that is has a very low median home price and a very high per night rent value, combined with tons of attractions and nearly 9 Million visitors per year. Click here to find out more about this unique type of real estate investment.